If you are not able to travel to Brazil and still require help, I can take your picture to The Entity (when John of God incorporates) and ask for him to work on you at long distance. In this case, The Entities of Light and Love visit you at your home and work on you to make you stronger, to prepare you for traveling.

To receive distance healing you must email me the following:

  • A picture of the person, along with his or her date of birth, address and a description of what they seek help with.
    I will provide this service free of charge.

Please, let me know if you also want to request the herbs.
I will take your photo to the Entity, and they will prescribe herbs for you. The Entities will have you under their treatment specifically from then on. I will buy the herbs and ship them to you. It takes a few weeks for the herbs to arrive, but after The Entities see your photo, the Light Beings are already working on you.

You have to be willing to follow the protocol for the herbs (no alcohol, pork or hot peppers for two months while you are taking herbs from the Casa)

In case you'd want me to do a Surrogate Surgery here for you, I would take your photo to the Entity and ask permission for it. However, you will have to follow the after-surgery protocol.

You will have to stay in bed for 24 hours and sleep/rest. You must take it easy for the next week (no yoga, exercises, or lifting) and abstain from raising sexual energy for 40 days (subsequent surgeries – eight days of abstinence). You will receive post-surgery herbs and must follow the protocol for herbs (no alcohol, pork or hot peppers) for two months of after surgery treatment.

Should you decide to choose this option I will go over procedure with you and provide you with more details personally.